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pruning-310pxThis is one of the most performed tasks in the tree care industry. In theory, if trees are pruned correctly, they will become more vigorous and structurally sound. Properly pruned trees will also stand a better chance of surviving wind storms and other environmental conditions. By removing crossing, rubbing, diseased, and dead branches and/or by lightly thinning the crown, not only is the tree healthy, but it is also aesthetically pleasing. In addition, pruning can include the removal of low limbs (ie. over your home, car, lawn etc) to increase light and air flow, and to reduce the risk of damage to your property.

By combining proven scientific pruning methods with safe tree climbing techniques developed by Comolli Tree Care, your trees will be healthy and beautiful.


take-downs-310pxAlthough most trees can add great value to an urban landscape (ie aesthetics, protection, shade, etc.) there are many circumstances when a tree must be taken off the property. This can be for a variety of reasons including, safety issues (ie. the tree may be in danger of falling and destroying property and/or injuring people) and for other reasons which may be simply because the client does not want the tree any more (needs more light, tired of raking leaves/needles, etc). We will fell (drop) a tree if there is no risk of property damage and/or personal injury. All trees to be removed that cannot be dropped will be climbed and rigged in the safest possible manor so that damage to property and/ or personal injury is avoided.

Ornamental Pruning

ornamental-pruning-310pxThis kind of pruning can be similar to what we do in large trees. Ornamental pruning can include thinning and removing unwanted, dead, and diseased branches. In many cases however, in additions to pruning, a crown reduction may be necessary to reduce size and add shape to a specific tree or shrub. Some of the more common crown reductions we perform are on trees like crabapples, ornamental cherries, and American hollies, and on shrubs like rhododendrons. This is a talent of ours that not many "others" posses. It takes years of practice and supervision to develop the proper "eye" to get an ornamental just right. The result, is a plant that is not only vigorous, but also beautiful!

Vista Pruning

vista-prune-310pxThis can involve crown reduction and sometimes limbing of tree branches to get a "view." Most often this "view" is of water including ocean and lakes/ponds. By removing vegetation that is blocking a clear view to the desired area, more of what is desired can be seen.

Cabling and Bracing

cabling-bracing-310pxThis is a form of artificial support given to select trees and branches. Most often this support is needed to prevent injury such as crotch splitting or the breakage of branches. In addition, artificial support may lengthen the life of a tree that has suffered from extensive decay (cavities, hollows, etc) or storm damage. We at Comolli Tree Care perform cabling and bracing as a means of structural support for the tree, and we do it in a fashion that is not only effective but also looks neat and clean.


transplant-310pxUnfortunately, many people in our trade do not practice proper planting techniques. All too often, the old adage "green side up" is used and the tree is simply thrown in the ground and buried with soil. These people either do not know or do not care how to plant properly. Too many times a tree is planted too deep in the ground. This not only stunts growth but can eventually kill the tree. By taking care to plant properly, and with proper watering practice, our trees (transplants or nursery stock) survive.

Stump Grinding

stump-grinding-310pxIn the event that a client wants a tree stump to be removed, we have the equipment to do it! Stump grinders can be very dangerous and special precautions will be taken to ensure your safety. All stumps will be ground to a minimum of six inches below ground but can be ground to as much as 12 inches. After the stump is ground, we will remove the grindings and leave the area nice and neat.

Storms and Emergency work

storm-damage-310pxYear after year, the talk around town is that we are due for a hurricane. Unfortunately, we really have no way of knowing when the "big one" will hit. It has been almost 20 years since we were hit by Hurricane Bob. Since then Comolli Tree Care has successfully tackled tree damage caused by numerous "minor" wind storms and blizzards. That we are due for another "big one" could not be further from the truth, and with such strong winds there is the potential for major tree and property damage.

In the event of a major storm we at Comolli Tree Care will provide emergency services to help with your tree emergency. Damage will be assessed on a first come first serve basis for our clients. First and foremost, dangerous tree damage with potential liabilities (leaning trees, hangers, trees on roof, trees blocking driveways, etc) will be taken care of. Soon after the most dangerous trees are taken care of, we will be happy to take care of any other damage caused by the storm (branches on ground, small hangers, cracked limbs, etc.).

Insect and Disease Diagnosis

insect-disease-310pxIn a Perfect world, there would be no insects or diseases that could cause harm to our trees and shrubs. Unfortunately, insect and diseases are not uncommon in the landscape. Although chemical spraying is something that we do not perform, we will be happy to help our clients to diagnose and manage any symptoms causing harm to a specific tree or shrub. Branch die-back, off-color foliage, leaf defoliation, fruiting bodies (mushrooms on or around the tree), and excessive sap flow from the tree trunk are just a few of the many insect and disease caused symptoms that we commonly see on trees and shrubs. If there is a need for a spray (chemical treatment) to reduce harm to yours trees health, then we will be happy to refer you to a reputable business that is Comolli Tree Approved, to do the job right!