About Us

Mission Statement

The goal of Comolli Tree Care is to provide a complete and professional tree and landscape service to our customers and clients on Cape Cod. Field experience passed down through three generations of arborists along with our college educations in arboriculture and landscape maintenance/design makes us true experts in the industry. We specialize in the cultivation, management, and study of individual trees, shrubs, and other woody plants. Comolli Tree Care has been able to maintain high standards of quality, customer service and reliability while at the same time providing a personal experience for every customer and client.

John Comolli

John-Comolli-300In 1973 John Comolli received an associates degree in Arboriculture from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture.He then took the arborists exam and became a Massachusetts Certified Arborist. Upon graduation, John and his wife, Lynda moved to Cape Cod, where John started his career as a professional arborist.Throughout the '70's John worked for several different professional tree companies, including the Town of Barnstable Tree Department and Bartlett Tree Experts. Over the years with those companies, John developed good field experience not only as a tree climber but also as a tree care professional.

Eventually, he started his own business. John has always been a hard worker with good business ethics and a nack at talking and working with people. For these reasons, John has brought success to his business for the last three decades. By keeping the business small, John has always been on the job to supervise so that things are done right. By doing such good work, most the business he generated has been by word of mouth. Over the years, His two sons, Jess and Jared Comolli have continued this tradition of good, honest work.

Jared Comolli

Jared-Comolli-300Working for his dad in the tree business since his early teens, Jared has developed excellent skills in the field of arboriculture and landscaping. Realizing that he might like to continue with the family business, Jared went to college and by 1997 Jared had earned an associates degree from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture. He majored in landscape contracting and design, and has since combined his knowledge from school with his excellent field experience to become a true professional in the business.

Jess Comolli

Jess-Comolli-300Also working for the family tree business since his early teens, Jess combines his extensive field experience with a degree in science at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst which he received in 1997. He majored in urban forestry and arboriculture. Soon after graduating, Jess took the arborist exam and passed to become a Massachusetts Certified Arborist. Deciding to stay in Amherst for another year, Jess worked for a tree company known as C.L. Frank and Company. Here, Jess learned how to climb, maneuver and perfect his skills and technique in large trees. He also got experience supervising large tree planting and transplanting jobs, along with soil sampling, zero-impact tree removals, and fine pruning techniques (picking every tiny dead twig out of a tree).
After spending a year practicing tree work out in western Mass, Jess returned home in 1999 to re-join the family tree business. He works hard along with his brother and father, every day, to keep the business going strong.