Tree Care

Insect and Disease Diagnosis

insect-treeIn a Perfect world, there would be no insects or diseases that could cause harm to our trees and shrubs. Unfortunately, insect and diseases are not uncommon in the landscape. Although we do chemical spraying is something that we do not too, we will be happy to help our clients to diagnose and manage any symptoms causing harm to a specific tree or shrub. Branch die-back, off-color foliage, leaf defoliation, fruiting bodies (mushrooms on or around the tree), and excessive sap flow from the tree trunk are just a few of the many insect and disease caused symptoms that we commonly see on trees and shrubs. If there is a need for a spray (chemical treatment) to reduce harm to yours trees health, then we will be happy to refer you to a reputable business that is Comolli Tree Approved, to do the job right!

Cabling and Bracing

cabling-bracing-310pxThis is a form of artificial support given to select trees and branches. Most often this support is needed to prevent injury such as crotch splitting or the breakage of branches. In addition, artificial support may lengthen the life of a tree that has suffered from extensive decay (cavities, hollows, etc) or storm damage. We at Comolli Tree Care perform cabling and bracing as a means of structural support for the tree, and we do it in a fashion that is not only effective but also looks neat and clean.